Drowning in paperwork

Don’t get me wrong I really love getting ready for the summer. The preparation, the packing plans and the conversations with friends from all over the world. However the paperwork is overwhelming. How I did it in my first year is beyond me because 4 years later I’m still swimming in visa forms, medical checks and the dreaded tax forms. 

For the last four years I’ve be declaring everything from my lack of criminal convictions to the fact I have never been involved in a human trafficking scheme. I have been writing address, contact details  of people I barely know and time after time entering the memoried mantra of my camps address. This is before I even mention my specific camps own selection of forms, ACA courses and my own folder of work for the summer ahead. 

But so far the most complicated and confusing paperwork barriers (invented by little men in offices who I’m sure get a kick when someone fills out their birthdate in the wrong order and can’t remember how to spell their mother’s maiden name) are out of my way. My visa has been granted, my police check sent off and my long distance flights booked and logged. So with only a few minor piles more to wade through and a tentative navigation of the US tax system to undertake I am just about ready for the summer. Now I just need to figure out how many socks I really need for 3 months (while understanding I will lose them all to the laundry system because labelling my socks is beyond even me!). 

All paperwork moaning aside I cannot wait to return once more! And yes I do once again promise that I am not some sort of internationally renound criminal mastermind (I’m far too broke for that!).