2 Days to go – I still can’t packĀ 

I know I’m a bad packer. It’s been repeatedly demonstrated to me that my talent does not lie in remembering what I need to take or leaving myself enough time to make sure everything is properly and neatly packed. This is despite the fact I’ve been packing my life up and moving it three or four times a year for the last four years. But today I think I finally did it. I’m all ready for the summer !

What I take to Camp: 

Electronics: head torch (so essential for the walk back from the meadow)  U.K. To USA adaptor, USB to USA adaptor, charging wires, phone (obviously), iPod, tablet

Clothes: far too many pairs of shorts, dresses (of appropriate Camp length of course), too my tshirts, sandles, climbing shoes, pjs, so many socks, swimming costume and bikini

Everything else: sleeping bag, water bottle, back pack, climbing helmet, notebook, makeup and toiletries, name tags, photos of home and most importantly a laundry bag that is big enough for alll my laundry.
2 Days to go!!